3 things to do to get the best price on your mobile/manufactured home


I see this every day.  I bring a client to a property to show it to them and the first thing they see is an accumulation of boxes in the carport and last night’s dishes in the sink.  If you want to give a great first impression the best thing to do is put away the clutter.  This also includes the collection of dancing raisins on the china cabinet and all the tiny spoons from your travels across the country.  Buyers want to visualize themselves and their stuff in the house.  If your stuff is in every view they will have a harder time seeing themselves in the house.


Mow the yard, trim the bushes, etc.  This is about curb appeal.  If the buyer drives up and they can’t see the house through the trees they are going to be less interested in the property and more fixed on what needs to be done.


It is amazing how a few little obvious imperfections and turn buyers off.  Sometimes it can bring the impression of bigger problems.  If the vent cover is missing from the heat duct, has the furnace been serviced?  Does it even work?  If a door knob is loose, what else is falling apart?  A lot, or even a few small easily repaired items can give the impression that the more important things could be neglected too.  It takes 30 seconds and a screw driver to tighten up a door handle.  If it’s really beyond your handy(person) skillset, a neighbor, friend or family member might be able to help for a cup of coffee or a lunch.  It will be worth the effort.


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