Chris Helland

Founder & CEO at Piper Capital Holdings

Property Types

  • 100% SingleWide

Property Status

  • 100% Financing Available

Property Cities

  • 100% Phoenix

About Chris Helland

Chris got his start serving our country.  He is a Veteran of the United States Navy having served in the Atlantic and Pacific on Los Angeles Class Attack Submarines as a Nuclear Trained Machinist Mate.

Leaving for the private sector he continued his engineering education and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Arizona State University with a BS in Mechanical Engineering and pursued his technical career with one of the largest semi-conductor manufactures in the world.

In 2015, Chris left the corporate world and started Piper Capital Holdings.  Since 2015, PCH has grown to be one of the largest independent brokers of privately owned manufactured homes in Arizona.

Chris is also an active member of the Paradise Valley Rotary Club and Airpark Toastmasters.  He has also done several public speaking engagements on affordable housing, recorded a podcast on manufactured housing for private investors, and has been published multiple times in the monthly Noteworthy Newsletter for his views on manufactured housing and investing.


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